Greenwood Strikes Down 40-Year-Old Gun Ban

Photo: Tim Samoff (Flickr)
Greenwood has not enforced its concealed gun ordinance in several years.

Greenwood leaders have voted to drop a longstanding ban on carrying concealed guns in the city. For four decades the law also banned people from carrying knives, slingshots or brass knuckles within city limits, but authorities say law enforcement personnel have not enforced the rule in years.

A city council vote Wednesday night strikes down the old ban, but City Council President Bruce Armstrong says another statute still prohibits firing weapons in Greenwood.

“It was approved by a unanimous vote to continue to have a ban on shooting weapons within the Greenwood city unless you are a police officer in the line of duty and you can shoot a gun at a gun range,” he says.

Last year, a new state forbade cities or counties from banning firearms at most public places, including libraries and parks. But gun bans are allowed at schools, universities and courthouses.

The city’s lawyer, Krista Targgart, says the Greenwood ordinance also changes a rule that allowed people to shoot birds within the city limits

“Previously people could apply for a permit to shoot obnoxious birds in the city, we took out that provision, it was never used, and we didn’t have people applying for this permit,” Targgart says.

The revised rule goes into effect Thursday.

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