Councilman Henegar Passes Away

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Monroe County Councilman Warren Henegar died of cancer Tuesday morning. Henegar had served on the Monroe county council and on the county board of commissioners for several terms since the 1970s.

Current President of the Monroe County Council Geoff McKim describes Warren as a friend and a great mentor. He says Henegar contributed a lot to improving the water quality in Lake Monroe. He also was concerned about juveniles in prison and worked hard on alternative sentencing options.

“Warren often said that it’s really the kind of like as slavery was the shame of the previous generation in America, our large number of incarcerated people in this country was the shame of our generation,” he says.

Geoff McKim speaks highly of Henegar’s spirit and how will he treated colleagues. Henegar’s friend Councilmember Vic Kelson also recalled his warm personality.

“One of the things about being with Warren is everyone ends up feeling like family. And it’s been wonderful knowing Warren and his family,” he says.

A memorial will be held August 27th, from 5-8pm, at Rotunda of the Courthouse in Monroe County.

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